These were really the colors — I didn’t edit or alter this photo in any way. Nope, no green flash (I was watching closely for it).

Anchored for a few days in the southernmost of the Marquesas, in Baie Hanavave (the Bay of Virgins). Made a 40- or 45-mile motor trip to get here – wind was 12-15 knots from the SE, but our course was to the SE, thus right on our nose.


Crazy geologic formations forming one wall of the anchorage.

It’s easy to lose track of the days. Hanging out on the boat, taking it easy, doing minor boat chores, swimming now and again. Not much to the town – it appears to consist of a church, a soccer field, and a very small grocery store that does not sell beer. We did trade a few old fishing lures to a local kid for a few pamplemousse (pomelos, or grapefruit) and a small stalk of bananas.

There’s another, larger town, called Omoa, four miles down the coast (ten miles by road), where we will probably stop tomorrow for a few provisions and some beer. We’ll see what’s available – everything depends on how recently the supply ship was here.


A carved post in the meeting grounds, Atuona

Then the following day we’ll be off for the Tuamotus, about 450 miles to the southwest, a relatively short trip. Looks right now as though the wind will be OK for the first day or a little more, then will go light and get lighter and lighter as we approach the first atolls. Matt’s already said we’ll fire up the iron genoa (start the motor) when the wind gets light, even if that means motoring the last day or so. In any case we should be there in two and a half or three days.


Stone figure, probably two meters tall, in the Atuona meeting grounds

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